Prostate cancer detection

  • Send digital MRI radiology scans to detect prostate cancer
  • Can reduce the need for unnecessary medical procedures.
  • AI is all , use this opportunity for second opinion.
  • Special 50% discount on prostate cancer AI services.

    Gen AI treatment plans

  • Send breast cancer diagnosis reports.
  • Generative AI software generates treatment plans.
  • Validate your treatment plan for more confidence.
  • Special 50% discount on treatment plans generation.

    AI tumorboard meetings

  • Choose tumor board decisions for better conclusions.
  • Just share your case details through WhatsApp.
  • AI and digital technologies for better conclusions.
  • 50% discount on tumor board meetings

    AI & metaverse care

  • Take advantage of 3D world and AI technologies.
  • Understand the care and cancer.
  • Consultations and education with better experiences.
  • Use online or 3D devices like Hololens, Quest devices.